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What to look for when contacting a Toller breeder!

Please remember when buying a puppy it's a case of Buyer Beware !

Are the puppies reared in the house? Puppies and adult dogs should be kept in the sort of environment that you want your dog to live in. This gives the puppies a chance to get used to everyday sights and sounds like washing machines.

Can you visit and meet the doggy relatives? You should be able to visit the breeder and meet at least the prospective mum. You should also be able to get information on other relatives (e.g. photos of the sire, and information on aunts, uncles, and any previous litters.)

Read the UK Toller Club's breeders code of ethics, to confirm to yourself that you think it is reasonable.

Ask the breeder if they are members of the Breed Club, and thus signed up to the breeders code of ethics. If they are not ask them why they choose not to sign up to this code of ethics.

Ask the breeder to show you copies of their adult dogs health clearances. The health tests that are currently available for Tollers can be found on the Toller Health page.

Additionally ask the breeder about any other health problems that they know about with their line of Tollers. The club accepts that there are auto immune mediated problems within the UK Toller population and is doing all it can to identify any genetic and environmental factors. The current state of knowledge is that there are family tendencies with a probable environmental trigger, but we would stress that research is ongoing. Breeders should be willing to discuss this with any prospective purchasers.

Ask the breeder what they have done to socialise the puppies. Puppies who are going to turn into well adjusted adults need a wide range of experiences even before they leave the breeder's premises at about 8 weeks old. They should have met lots of people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. They should have experienced several different environments (e.g. different rooms in the house, garden, car). They should have met other domestic animals (e.g. other adult dogs belonging to the breeder, cats, rabbits, other small domestic pets). They should have been handled and had individual attention on a mostly daily basis. They should have a selection of toys and articles to play with as well as their littermates.

Ask whether the breeder has had their vet check the puppies and had dewclaws removed. (Front feet dew claw removal is optional for Tollers, rear feet dew claws should be removed).

Ask the breeder what worming programme the puppies have been on. Puppies should be wormed at regular intervals. Compare what the breeder tells you to what your vet recommends.

Ask the breeder what food the puppies have been weaned on to. Are you going to continue with this feeding programme?

Ask the breeder whether you can leave a blanket or bedding with them until the puppy comes home with you, so that the pup leaves the breeders home with some familiar smells. Some breeders will supply you with a blanket.

Ask whether the puppies are going to be or have already been registered with the Kennel Club. And whether this registration will be handed over to you, and ownership transferred on the day you collect the puppy. If not Why not !!

Ask the breeder whether there are any restrictions on the registration documents. If so then ask them to explain what they mean, and under what circumstances they can be removed. Some breeders put restrictions on subsequent breeding from their puppies which is acceptable, providing that both breeder and puppy buyer understand the restrictions and the buyer is given this information in writing at the time of purchase. Some breeders are vague under what conditions they will remove the restrictions so it is a case of 'Buyer Beware!'

Ask the breeder whether they let you choose the puppy or whether they select the puppy that they think will most suit you.

Ask the breeder what they supply with the puppy (e.g. piece of bedding, food, collar, lead, & what paperwork).

Ask the breeder what sort of follow up support they offer. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with this.

In return what you should expect to be asked by a breeder

For any further information or help contact:-

The Breed's Official HEALTH CO-ORDINATOR

Rachel Bradley

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